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More to come...

You would be well advised to avoid this project for now :)


I'm Michael Haren. You can find out more about me elsewhere. Try Google.


This is a dreadfully simple invoice tracking application. In its current state, it is directly targeted torwards a very specific customer and is unlikely to be very useful to others.

Eventually, it may evolve into something a little more generic.


As soon as I actually get around to implementing auth I'll post a public link.


My dad own's a company and he needed some tracking software. It didn't exist (as far as I know) so I wrote it myself.


  • SQL Server
  • jQuery + plugins + UI
  • Entity Framework + Code First
  • HTML5 Boilerplate
  • DotNetOpenAuth
  • Many other great libraries!

Most of the above awesmeness is included via Nuget.


I have not decided what license this project will be held under. Until then I will leave it in the "you can't take this yet" state. If you really want it, send me a tweet or email (twitter handle, @gmail) and I'll make up my mind that much more quickly!

The world is awesome.

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