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Generator - A YAML / Django Templates based text file generation tool.


This project was initiated as I realized that I needed to have some kind of simple code generation tool to use with our projects. I know there are lots of tools out there, but after taking a short look of what's available I thought it would be better to just use a few hours to make one myself.


Run python setup.py install

Create a new directory to host your YAML files and templates.

Optionally, create a directory filters to enable custom django filters to be applied. They are imported from the register you provide (as in Django in general). See the example for clarification.

To convert the given template file, run

generator [options] inputfiles

if you need help, type

generator --help

For a more verbose example, go check the example in the examples directory. to test it, just run

cd example; generator -o test task.yml

It creates a new directory test that contains the evaluated files.


If you have questions, please contact me at mikko (at) taiste.fi