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[X] return process meta-data in environment
[ ] backgrounding / new command trigger
[ ] command aliases
[ ] command decoration
[ ] interactive execution
[ ] inline man-pages tips
[ ] version control
[ ] interactive quicklook
[ ] interactive unix command attempt
1) UI prototypes
[:] Token field
[X] plain text
[X] encapsed string
[X] token transmutation
[X] refactored code into separate files + object literal style
[X] design mockup
[X] commandstream mockup
[X] move validity of selection anchor/focus pos into selection obj, out of caret obj
[X] caret left/right with fulltoken input
[X] autocomplete popup / edit mode
[X] clickable mouse position
[X] fix event bindings lost when clicking inside textfield
[X] Unify tokenlist and commandlist into collection class, derive from.
[X] fix backspacing around edges of tokens
[X] add icon/spinner support to tokens
[ ] caret positions around allowempty tokens and ^/$
[.] | and >> token support
[ ] caret.remove() shouldn't need to touch tokenList when pruning empties -> let triggers do it
[ ] mouseclick caret is off by ~8px, but only in first token
[ ] switch between inline and block tokens -> input vs textarea.
[ ] fix wrapping of tokens
[X] inline autocomplete
[X] panel overlayed on token
[X] alignment
[X] keyboard controls up/down
[X] hit enter after autocomplete in empty token -> undefined
[X] escape to close popup
[X] autocomplete icons
[:] command view
[X] list of collapsible sections
[X] host token field
[X] context bar by command
[X] anchored scrolling
[X] host output
[X] make outputnode tree changes reflect in DOM transparently
[X] fix view.add mid-node insertion
[X] auto-expand to fill view
[ ] command history
[ ] alt-up/down to change focus
[ ] tabbed views
[ ] add forking the view with tabs and hosted/nested sessions
2) Command/token autocomplete
[X] token multi-regexp patterns
[X] triggers system, unify with token field triggers a bit?
[X] autocomplete a string / command
[X] autocomplete empties
[X] autocomplete commands
[X] autocomplete filesystem
[X] autocomplete label / contents / icon
[X] autocomplete dir / file distinction
[X] badge tokens with icons
3) Smart output with selectable things
[X] research FastCGI socket protocol
[X] add to client
[X] make socket connection to daemon
[X] set up client handling
[X] establish controller for stream
[X] invoke new session
[X] basic message output
[X] view parser/tree on client side
[X] list of files
[X] file icons
[X] implement view DOM v2 with path targeting
[X] auto-layout mechanism w/ padded max-height on view
[ ] unified viewcontroller class w/ self-dom insertion
[ ] intercontrol focus / caret, set up global manager
[ ] tab, switch between widgets.
[ ] working widget callbacks
[ ] auto-layout column width (preferred size from widgets + widget variant/style)
[ ] make file icons cacheable long-term in webkit cache
[ ] stable multi-column layout
[ ] smart tab-tabling layout for plain-text
4) NodeKit daemon
[X] listener
[X] keep state of sessions
[X] export environment
[X] allow path navigation
[X] worker process
[X] refactor processor.js handler/return handling
[X] spawn process
[X] stream in/out json packets
[X] view proxy object on worker side
[X] make ls / cd commands
[X] simplify message format to raw json
[X] viewstream integration
[X] data reader
[ ] arrange view pipes for command/view for unix processes
[X] output formatter
[X] full mime header parser/generator
[X] smart binary output
[ ] handle encodings
[ ] backgrounding / new command trigger
[ ] command aliases
[X] preferences
[ ] sudo support (askpass env?)
5) Command Suite
[X] JSON grep
[X] code syntax highlighter
[ ] make a script for git (arguments, file/dir, ...)
[ ] basic top/w infographs + live update
[ ] robust unix basics
[ ] mysql console
[ ] ssh support