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A Bookmarklet to add functionality to turntable.fm

This is the home of the source code, if you're just interested in installing the Chrome Extension, it's available for free on the Chrome Web Store here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mnciafhfaahhafklckmcabbncbgcjpeg

Current Features include:

    HTML5 Desktop Notifications for the following: (Chrome Only)
        Chat messages (pretty buggy at the moment)
        Song changes - includes album art if available
        Votes - both up and down with attribution to the voter
        DJ Changes - know when DJs step up to or down from the decks
        Listener Changes - know who has just entered or exited the room

    Auto Awesome support (inspired by J2 Labs' initial implementation which was built based on @Tivs' hack)

    Vote Log (currently in the preferences menu)

    Last.fm Scrobbling (courtesy https://github.com/gabek/TurntableScrobbler)