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$def with ( min_x, max_x, min_y, max_y, min_mean, max_mean, x_to_y_to_data, num_games, num_games_threshold )
# games: $num_games<br>
# games threshold: $num_games_threshold<br>
$for y in xrange(max_y, min_y-1, -1):
$for x in xrange(min_x, max_x+1):
$if x_to_y_to_data.has_key(x) and x_to_y_to_data[x].has_key(y):
$ mean, rendered_interval, frequency = x_to_y_to_data[x][y]
<td style="background-color: $( get_background_color(min_mean, max_mean, mean) )">
<span class="num_games">$frequency</span>
$for x in xrange(min_x, max_x+1):
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