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Control your Roomba robot using it's onboard serial interface


You must have a serial connection to Roomba's serial interface (exposed via the mini-din connector at 5v TTL signal levels). The Roomba speaks a protocol called Create Open Interface (formerly ROI) described here.


var Roomba = require('../roomba.js').Roomba

var bot = new Roomba({
    sp: { path: '/dev/ttyAMA0', options: { baudrate: 57600 }},
    update_freq: 200

bot.once('ready', function () {
	console.log('spinning up');
	bot.send({ cmd: 'DRIVE', data: [500, -1] });

bot.on('sense', function (sensors) {
	if (sensors.bump.right || sensors.bump.left) {
		console.log('bump detected');
		// stop spinning
		bot.send({ cmd: 'DRIVE', data: [0, -1] });


see issues.