Streams2 frontend for node-serialport
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A Streams2 frontend for node-serialport.


The S2Serial implements the same API as node-serialport except:

  • The parser option is ignored (forcing raw mode)
  • The returned object implements a Duplex Stream


var S2Serial = require('s2serial').S2Serial;
var sp = new S2Serial('/dev/tty.usb411', {baudrate: 57600});

// hypothetical Streams that implement some protocol
var encoder = new MyEncoder(); // encodes command objs into bytes
var decoder = new MyDecoder(); // parses stream of bytes and emits objs

decoder.on('message', function (msg) {
	console.log('message received from serialport: ' + msg);

sp.on('open', function () {
	encoder.send({ cmd: 'getsomething' });