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Beer2Beer - The beer preferences directory

A simple Linked Data app. Just open the index.html document in your browser ...

Creating the Linked Data

  • To create the RDF data, load rdb2rdf/b2b_db.sql in a RDBMS (I'm using PostgreSQL)
  • Then, after installing D2RQ, you run the rdb2rdf/generate_direct_mapping command (note: you'll have to patch the path to your D2RQ installation in this command) - this generates a mapping you can customise to your own needs.
  • If you want to use my mapping (rdb2rdf/b2b_mapping.ttl) you can the either run the D2RQ server (SPARQL endpoint) or dump that data to a file (see below)

To run the D2RQ server I run (in the D2RQ home directory):

./d2r-server /Users/michael/Documents/events/TUT_STA2012/b2b-app/rdb2rdf/b2b_mapping.ttl

To dump the data I run (in the D2RQ home directory):

./dump-rdf /Users/michael/Documents/events/TUT_STA2012/b2b-app/rdb2rdf/b2b_mapping.ttl > b2b_dump.n3


This software is licensed under Apache 2.0 Software License.