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N-Triples Parser
Copyright 2004, Sean B. Palmer,
Licensed under GPL 2, W3C, BSD, MIT, or EFL 2
Command line usage:
./ <URI> - parses URI as N-Triples
./ --help - prints out this help message
# @@ fully empty document?
import re
uriref = r'<([^:]+:[^\s"<>]+)>'
literal = r'"([^"\\]*(?:\\.[^"\\]*)*)"'
litinfo = r'(?:@([a-z]+(?:-[a-z0-9]+)*)|\^\^' + uriref + r')?'
r_line = re.compile(r'([^\r\n]*)(?:\r\n|\r|\n)')
r_wspace = re.compile(r'[ \t]*')
r_wspaces = re.compile(r'[ \t]+')
r_tail = re.compile(r'[ \t]*\.[ \t]*')
r_uriref = re.compile(uriref)
r_nodeid = re.compile(r'_:([A-Za-z][A-Za-z0-9]*)')
r_literal = re.compile(literal + litinfo)
bufsiz = 2048
validate = False
class Node(unicode): pass
class URI(Node): pass
class bNode(Node): pass
class Literal(Node):
def __new__(cls, lit, lang=None, dtype=None):
n = str(lang) + ' ' + str(dtype) + ' ' + lit
return unicode.__new__(cls, n)
class Sink(object):
def __init__(self):
self.length = 0
def triple(self, s, p, o):
self.length += 1
print (s, p, o)
class ParseError(Exception): pass
quot = {'t': '\t', 'n': '\n', 'r': '\r', '"': '"', '\\': '\\'}
r_safe = re.compile(r'([\x20\x21\x23-\x5B\x5D-\x7E]+)')
r_quot = re.compile(r'\\(t|n|r|"|\\)')
r_uniquot = re.compile(r'\\u([0-9A-F]{4})|\\U([0-9A-F]{8})')
def unquote(s):
"""Unquote an N-Triples string."""
result = []
while s:
m = r_safe.match(s)
if m:
s = s[m.end():]
m = r_quot.match(s)
if m:
s = s[2:]
m = r_uniquot.match(s)
if m:
s = s[m.end():]
u, U = m.groups()
codepoint = int(u or U, 16)
if codepoint > 0x10FFFF:
raise ParseError("Disallowed codepoint: %08X" % codepoint)
elif s.startswith('\\'):
raise ParseError("Illegal escape at: %s..." % s[:10])
else: raise ParseError("Illegal literal character: %r" % s[0])
return unicode(''.join(result))
if not validate:
def unquote(s):
return s.decode('unicode-escape')
r_hibyte = re.compile(r'([\x80-\xFF])')
def uriquote(uri):
return r_hibyte.sub(lambda m: '%%%02X' % ord(, uri)
if not validate:
def uriquote(uri):
return uri
class NTriplesParser(object):
"""An N-Triples Parser.
p = NTriplesParser(sink=MySink())
sink = p.parse(f) # file; use parsestring for a string
def __init__(self, sink=None):
if sink is not None:
self.sink = sink
else: self.sink = Sink()
def parse(self, f):
"""Parse f as an N-Triples file."""
if not hasattr(f, 'read'):
raise ParseError("Item to parse must be a file-like object.")
self.file = f
self.buffer = ''
while True:
self.line = self.readline()
if self.line is None: break
try: self.parseline()
except ParseError:
raise ParseError("Invalid line: %r" % self.line)
return self.sink
def parsestring(self, s):
"""Parse s as an N-Triples string."""
if not isinstance(s, basestring):
raise ParseError("Item to parse must be a string instance.")
from cStringIO import StringIO
f = StringIO()
def readline(self):
"""Read an N-Triples line from buffered input."""
# N-Triples lines end in either CRLF, CR, or LF
# Therefore, we can't just use f.readline()
if not self.buffer:
buffer =
if not buffer: return None
self.buffer = buffer
while True:
m = r_line.match(self.buffer)
if m: # the more likely prospect
self.buffer = self.buffer[m.end():]
buffer =
if not buffer:
raise ParseError("EOF in line")
self.buffer += buffer
def parseline(self):
if (not self.line) or self.line.startswith('#'):
return # The line is empty or a comment
subject = self.subject()
predicate = self.predicate()
object = self.object()
if self.line:
raise ParseError("Trailing garbage")
self.sink.triple(subject, predicate, object)
def peek(self, token):
return self.line.startswith(token)
def eat(self, pattern):
m = pattern.match(self.line)
if not m: # @@ Why can't we get the original pattern?
raise ParseError("Failed to eat %s" % pattern)
self.line = self.line[m.end():]
return m
def subject(self):
# @@ Consider using dictionary cases
subj = self.uriref() or self.nodeid()
if not subj:
raise ParseError("Subject must be uriref or nodeID")
return subj
def predicate(self):
pred = self.uriref()
if not pred:
raise ParseError("Predicate must be uriref")
return pred
def object(self):
objt = self.uriref() or self.nodeid() or self.literal()
if not objt:
raise ParseError("Unrecognised object type")
return objt
def uriref(self):
if self.peek('<'):
uri =
uri = unquote(uri)
uri = uriquote(uri)
return URI(uri)
return False
def nodeid(self):
if self.peek('_'):
return bNode(
return False
def literal(self):
if self.peek('"'):
lit, lang, dtype =
if lang and dtype:
raise ParseError("Can't have both a language and a datatype")
lit = unquote(lit)
return Literal(lit, lang, dtype)
return False
def parseURI(uri):
import urllib
parser = NTriplesParser()
u = urllib.urlopen(uri)
sink = parser.parse(u)
def main():
import sys
if len(sys.argv) == 2:
else: print __doc__
if __name__=="__main__":
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