A collection of http-range-14 facts to produce an infographic about resources spent over the past 10y
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What is this about?

The http-range-14 keeps the Semantic Web community busy, at least since 2002. While officially resolved in 2005, the http-range-14 still causes major discussions - it is unclear if and when these will ever end. We have a dedicated W3C Task Force and a lot more people involved in various mailing lists, on Twitter, etc. discussing this issue.

Now, I was wondering: what if the time spent discussing the issue would indeed have been spent in developing tools or applications that provide some value?

What is the goal?

This project gathers facts, such as how many people said something about http-range-14, how many blog posts have been written, how many hours have been burned in the various mailing lists, W3C groups, in companies, in F2F discussions, etc.

The goal is to produce an infographic that gives people an idea what has been going on re http-range-14 in the past 10 years. Taking on Paul Rouget's challenge the infographic shall be done in HTML5.