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@mhausenblas mhausenblas released this Jan 23, 2018 · 162 commits to master since this release

This is the current 0.4 release with a couple of fixes and improvements over the original one. It supports an experimental hot-reload feature (for scripts) using the HOTRELOAD=true env variable. See also this demo for details. In a nutshell the hot-reload feature works as follows:

  1. In kubed-sh enable the feature:

     [minikube::default]$ HOTRELOAD=true
  2. Once enabled, a watch in the current directory (where you launched kubed-sh) is actively monitoring changes to script files. When you modify a script file—for example by changing the content in your editor—kubed-sh will detect the change and update the process in the cluster.

Change log summary:

0e00a0a improves ps
0556aa6 adds support for user-defined service name
34ee017 refactors cmds and improves help
ec19f3f adds support for comments
a6ae611 completes experimental support for #12
8406b99 changes debug env var
47875f9 adds cd command
6a7d41a fixes startup and updates planning
12dfee2 fixes missing service port env set

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