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madr - a generic, mobile AR browser


This project is about implementing a (research) prototype of a generic, mobile AR browser that utilises Linked Open Data (LOD) data sources. For the background, you might want to read our position paper on this topic and what the potential is. Ah, and in case you wonder, the name itself, madr, comes from Mobile AugmenteD Reality ...

Under the hood ...

madr is all about HTML5 and JavaScript - all the heavy lifting is done on the client-side. Currently, madr consists of the following components:

  • Initially, the user's location is determined via JavaScript.
  • Then, using Ajax, LinkedGeoData, and with it the OSM is queried for nearby 'Points of Interest' (PoI).
  • From the available PoI the user can select to visit one.
  • Next steps:
  • We will use aLODin for interaction with the PoI; see also the Entity-Action vocabulary.
  • We plan to integrate with social media streams (Twitter, Google+, etc.) based on the user's location.

And this is how madr currently looks on my Samsung Galaxy SII:

madr mobile screen shot

... or an older screenshot from the desktop browser:

madr desktop screen shot


This software is licensed under Apache 2.0 Software License.