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Joint submission for ODC2011

Project team

  • Local Government Computer Services Board, LGCSB, (main contact: Tim Willoughby)
  • Fingal County Council, FCC, (main contact: Dominic Byrne)
  • DERI, NUI Galway (main contact: Michael Hausenblas)

Initial brainstorming

  • Agree to create an all-irish planning app
  • Agree to create public repo (github or google code - TBD DERI-internally)
  • Agree for LGCSB to host the app/mint URIs
  • Front-end/UI/UX can be supported by LGCSB (esp. re design)
  • Agree to do it on GAE

Usage scenarios

  • notification (RSS, Twitter), similar to Richard's Galway City Council app
  • using archived data to show history of PA coded in year and status
  • word cloud over the apps per city to visualise focus
  • provide aggregated statistics concerning PA for all Ireland
  • AR/mobile version (such as done for toilets in Vienna, Austria)

Next steps

  • OPEN: Anja to do Twitter integration
  • OPEN: Michael to do Google Maps street view concept
  • OPEN: Michael to look into QR code for single-PA view
  • OPEN: Sarven to do data import
  • OPEN: Gofran to do overall page (Irland map select)
  • OPEN: Aftab (?) to do catchy stats (?) - high level
  • OPEN: a cool, catchy name and logo

At the ODH on 14 May we had a look at the GPlan data. Turns out that the only sensible usage scenario is the notification app. We will focus on this one for the submission (with a target coverage for as many as possible counties/cities).


This software is Public Domain.