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Update JSON-LD examples

What is this space for?

This space is for collecting examples. You're encouraged to provide all kinds of markup and data formats, including RDFa, CSV, JSON-LD, etc. Each example should contain the name of the item with the format as a suffix. If there is more than one example, it should be the name of the item, followed by a dash '-', followed by the name of the example with a suffix for the encoding format.

What is the format for the file names?

The file naming format is:


So, for the "Person" examples, the main example filename for RDFa would be:


A more advanced example would be:


A JSON-LD example would be:


Are there IPR and license issues?

You agree that all contributions made under the examples/* folder are released into the Public Domain (Creative Commons Zero - CC0).

Where should I put my examples?

Put your examples in the folder, following the format listed above.

Whom can I ask if I dunno what or how to do it

Ask Michael. Either via michael.hausenblas AT or via Twitter where he listens to @mhausenblas or drop by at the #swig channel on Freenode/IRC.