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What is this space for?

This space is for collecting mappings to Schema.org terms from widely deployed Linked Data vocabularies, such as in preparation by DBpedia, to be expected for top-level vocabularies such as Dublin Core, FOAF, GoodRelations, and SIOC or that come from 3rd party providers such as schemapedia.com.

Are there IPR and license issues?

We understand that whoever contributes here, in the mappings/* folder, agrees to put the provided example into the Public Domain. If you simply provide a link to your mapping, of course, your respective IPR apply.

Whom can I ask if I dunno what or how to do it

Ask Michael. Either via michael.hausenblas AT gmail.com or via Twitter where he listens to @mhausenblas or drop by at the #swig channel on Freenode/IRC.