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*1.1.0 [STI, belongs_to] (February 14, 2009)
* STI is better supported for inserting, naming and finding records [aiwilliams]
class Place < ActiveRecord::Base; end
class State < Place; end
class NorthCarolina < State; end
create_record(NorthCarolina, :state) # no need to define the 'type' column value
states(:state) == places(:state) == north_carolinas(:state) # read with the class names pluralized
* Moved to jeweler for much cleaner, github embracing gem building [aiwilliams]
* Support for simple belongs to associations [aiwilliams]
class Person < ActiveRecord::Base; end
class Note < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :person
person_id = create_record Person, :myguy
create_record Note, :person => :myguy
Note.last.person_id == person_id
* Models inside modules are supported a little more conveniently [aiwilliams]
module MList
class Message < ActiveRecord::Base
# We'll get rid of the underscore in 'm_list_messages'
create_record MList::Message, :test
* Helper method for converting strings to useful symbols for finding records [siannopollo]
This is useful if you write creator methods of your own.
def create_person(attributes)
create_record Person, name_to_sym(attributes[:name]), attributes
create_person(:name => 'Little John')
*1.0.0 [Scenarios Replacement] (December 15, 2008)
* Drop-in replacement for Scenarios plugin of old [aiwilliams]