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You have the capability to use 3 different methods of spam blocking with this extension.

  1. Logic CAPTCHA (asking a question a spambot would not know)
  2. Akismet
  3. Mollom

Spam Blocking

By default, you will have sample questions that you may ask of your visitors. These questions are difficult to easily interpret by robots that may crawl your site looking to leave spam. See your Snippet 'comment_spam_block' for examples of this.

You will need to use the spam_answer_tag in your comment forms to present these questions to the user.

If you wish disable this simple spam protection mechanism, you can do so using the require_simple_spam_filter config key, e.g. Radiant::Config['comments.require_simple_spam_filter'] = false

To enable the Akismet protection, get yourself an account at for your personal blog or at for your commercial sites. Then set your personal key and url in the Radiant::Config.

For example:

Radiant::Config['comments.akismet_key'] = "6a009ca6ab4e"
Radiant::Config['comments.akismet_url'] = ""

To enable Mollom protection, get yourself an account at, add your site and set the public and private key pair in the Radiant::Config.

Radiant::Config['comments.mollom_privatekey'] = "deadbeef012345"
Radiant::Config['comments.mollom_publickey'] = "c00fee012345"

If both services are configured, this plugin will use the Akismet service. Unset the akismet_key if you want to use Mollom.

Exporting Data

To customize the CSV fields you can add an initializer like this:

Comment.class_eval do
  def export_columns(format = nil)
    %w[approved? author author_email content referrer]

Viewing comments

You may set the per page number of comments in the Radiant configuration options:

Radiant::Config['comments.per_page'] = 100

By default, the number of comments per page is 50.