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var i18n = {
"google_calendar_extension_name": {
"message": "Google Calendar Widget",
"description": "The name of this extension."
"google_calendar_extension_desc": {
"message": "Easily check Google Calendar and add new events from websites you visit.",
"description": "Description of what this extension does."
"logo_text": {
"message": "Google Calendar",
"description": "The name of the Calendar product, including the word Google."
"read_more_at_original_url": {
"message": "Read more at the original site: ",
"description": "Descriptive text for a link at the bottom of each event description that asks the user to click on the link for more information."
"view_agenda": {
"message": "Agenda",
"description": "Used in the popup view just before the actual calendar agenda."
"add_an_event": {
"message": "Add an Event",
"description": "Header that appears just above the form that lets users add custom events."
"event_title_placeholder": {
"message": "E.g. “Dinner with friends 7pm tomorrow”",
"description": "Placeholder in the textarea where the user is instructed to type in the title of the event they want to create."
"events_on_this_page": {
"message": "Events on this page",
"description": "Title used in the browser action popup for the list of events detected on the current page."
"quick_add_button": {
"message": "Add",
"description": "Text on the button that adds a new event to the calendar from user input."
"no_events_today": {
"message": "No events today.",
"description": "Message shown as a placeholder when there are no events today. It only applies to when there are no events today, not for other dates."
"no_upcoming_events": {
"message": "No upcoming events.",
"description": "Message shown as a placeholder when there are no future events at all. It applies both to today and all future dates."
"authorization_required": {
"message": "Authorize Google Calendar",
"description": "A message shown when the user needs to grant permission for this extension to read events from their calendar."
"authorization_in_progress": {
"message": "Authorizing…",
"description": "A message shown after the user clicks on the Authorize button."
"authorization_explanation": {
"message": "Google Calendar for Chrome lets you check your calendar while you visit other websites. For this, you need to grant it access to your calendar. This is a one-time setup step required before you can use this app.",
"description": "A detailed message explaining the OAuth flow."
"problems": {
"message": "Problems?",
"description": "A link that provides troubleshooting information related to authorization."
"error_saving_new_event": {
"message": "Error saving new event; please retry.",
"description": "An error message shown when a user-added quick-add event could not be saved."
"add_to_google_calendar": {
"message": "Add to Google Calendar",
"description": "Alt text and/or link text for the link that users click to add event to their calendar."
"sync_now": {
"message": "Update the list of events from the server.",
"description": "Alternate text for the icon that forces syncing the calendar right away."
"show_quick_add": {
"message": "Add a new event by typing in the event details.",
"description": "Alternate text for the icon that shows the text area where users add details of new events."
"show_options": {
"message": "Change options for this extension",
"description": "Alternate text for the icon that opens the Options screen in a new window."
"fetching_feed": {
"message": "The list of events is being updated.",
"description": "Tooltip text for when the extension is fetching the feed from the server."
"toolbar_icon": {
"message": "Toolbar Icon",
"description": "The section of the Options page that deals with the toolbar icon."
"view_web_calendar": {
"message": "View Full Calendar",
"description": "A menu item that allows the user to view the full calendar on the Web."
"calendar_list_header": {
"message": "Calendars",
"description": "The header for the Options section under which all calendars are shown."
"time_format": {
"message": "Time Format",
"description": "The header for the Options section under which the 12 hr/24 hr option is shown."
"announcement_new_features": {
"message": "New features! Check them out »",
"description": "An announcement message shown after an upgrade that adds significant new features."
"option_show_time_until_next_event": {
"message": "Show time remaining until the next event.",
"description": "The name of the option that tells the user that the extension will display the time on the badge."
"option_time_until_next_includes_all_day_events": {
"message": "Include all-day events when computing the time until the next event.",
"description": "The name of the option that ensures all-day events are included when computing the time to next event."
"event_title_unknown": {
"message": "Busy",
"description": "When a user does not have access to a particular calendar, the event title is not available; this placeholder text is used instead."
"alert_new_event_added": {
"message": "This event has just been added to your calendar: ",
"description": "When a new event is added into the user's calendar, an alert message will be displayed for the user to click on it and see the details"
"option_show_time_in_24hr": {
"message": "Show calendar times in 24-hour format",
"description": "Option to show calendar times in 24-hour format"
"enable_debug_logging": {
"message": "Enable console.log dubugging",
"description": "Option to enable console.log dubugging"