Google Script Library for Opening Google Sheet on a row for editing
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Google Script Library for opening Google Sheet on a row for editing

To use this library:

  1. create a new Google Sheet
  2. Open Tools > Script editor and in the editor open Resources > Libraries
  3. In the Find Libraries box enter the script id: 11ZaVyzV5H3yp5f-MxAlY04Z6FTJ-sYbkGZKNUqu8pCVLSVofUeIZA9Oa
  4. Select the most recent version of OpenRow and click save to close the library window

Finally in the script editor add the following function:

function onOpen(){
    var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();

To open your sheet at a row for editing direct users to the following url replacing the values as indicated:

Optionally if you wish to include a header row when the sheet opens use &header=NUMBER_OF_ROWS_FOR_HEADER

You are welcome to fork this library and modify the functionality to meet your needs.

Here is a blog post explaining this library.