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Cipher utilities using openssl
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openssl-cipher is a library to encrypt/decrypt string or file with openssl command.


  1. Install openssl command to your system by apt, yum... whatever you desire.

Source code:

  1. Put this file into load-path'ed directory, and byte compile it if desired. And put the following expression into your ~/.emacs.

    (require 'openssl-cipher)


  • To encrypt a well encoded string (High level API)

openssl-cipher-encrypt-string <-> openssl-cipher-decrypt-string

  • To encrypt a binary string (Middle level API)

openssl-cipher-encrypt-unibytes <-> openssl-cipher-decrypt-unibytes

  • To encrypt a binary string (Low level API)

openssl-cipher-encrypt <-> openssl-cipher-decrypt

  • To encrypt a file

openssl-cipher-encrypt-file <-> openssl-cipher-decrypt-file


  • To encrypt my secret Please ensure that do not forget clear-string you want to hide.

    (defvar my-secret nil)
    (let ((raw-string "My Secret"))
      (setq my-secret (openssl-cipher-encrypt-string raw-string))
      (clear-string raw-string))
  • To decrypt my-secret

      (openssl-cipher-decrypt-string my-secret)
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