Salsa20 Encrypt/Hash algorithm
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Salsa20 Encrypt/Hash algorithm for Emacs

Salsa20 basic implementation

Salsa20/8 Salsa20/12


Put this file into load-path'ed directory, and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYTE COMPILE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And put the following expression into your .emacs.

(require 'salsa20)


  • salsa20-encrypt

Encrypt/Decrypt BYTES (string) with IV by KEY. BYTES: Encrypt/Decrypt target and is destructively changed. KEY: 16 or 32 byte vector. IV: 8 byte vector. ROUNDS: Optional integer to reduce the number of rounds. See refering about Salsa20/8 Salsa20/12 as a secure option.

  • salsa20-generator

Return a function which generate random sequence as byte list. This function accept following one of arg indicate the command of this function.

  • length of the byte list.
  • t means destruct this function.

Optional ROUNDS arg see salsa20-encrypt description.


    (let ((generator (salsa20-generator (make-vector 16 0) (salsa20-generate-random-iv))))
          (loop repeat 5
                collect (funcall generator 50))
        ;; Should not forget destruct
        (funcall generator t)))