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What's Included

  1. Nginx
  2. Mongo
  3. Unicorn (+ upstart script)
  4. Capistrano deploy.rb ready to use


NOTE: We'll assume you're creating an application called awesomeapp on the for this README, adjust accordingly.

  1. Launch a new server (only Ubuntu 10.04 LTS has been tested)
  2. Run curl | sh
  3. Run ssh
  4. Copy the chef cookbook to the server using rsync -r .
  5. Copy ~/chef-solo/node.json.sample to ~/chef-solo/node.json and make any changes needed
  6. Run chef-solo -c ~/chef-solo/solo.rb


Let's assume you create a new rails application with these defaults:

  "user": {
  • The deployer user would be created. If authorized_keys_url is specified those public keys will be added to /home/deployer/.ssh/authorized_keys.
  • /var/www/awesomeapp will be setup to store the Rails application.
  • /var/www/awesomeapp/shared/config/mongoid.yml will be created. The awesomeapp_production Mongo database will be accessible by the awesomeapp user.
  • /home/deployer/deploy/awesomeapp.rb will be created. This is a functional Capistrano deploy.rb file that can be copied down to the application folder. It makes use of the USR2 signal for zero-downtime deployments.
  • /etc/init/unicorn_awesomeapp will be created to automatically launch your Unicorn application on boot. This will be run as the deployer user so that Capistrano script can reboot the script as necessary.

Other Instructions

Simplify SSH Configuration

If you want to login to the server as the deployer user you could add the following to your ~/.ssh/config file:

Host awesomeapp
User deployer

Now you can run ssh awesome and it will do ssh in the background, neat-o!