A simple programme for identifying memes in digital newspaper transcriptions
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Version: 1.0.0

A programme to convert Copyfind64.4.1.4 outputs into a list of reprint matches for the creation of a list of memes; part of the Scissors and Paste Project.


The MemeTracker requires an input file in tab-separate value (.tsv) format. The file should have the data in the following columns, without a header.

  • Perfect_Match_Score
  • Left_Match_Score
  • Right_Match_Score
  • Target_Year
  • Target_Month
  • Target_Day
  • Target_Title
  • Target_Identifier
  • Source_Year
  • Source _Month
  • Source _Day
  • Source _Title
  • Source_ Identifier

Example inputs are available at https://github.com/mhbeals/BL19thC_Reprints/tree/master/Formatted%20Matching%20Reports

Example (catalogued) outputs are available at https://github.com/mhbeals/BL19thC_Reprints/tree/master/Memes


Run release candidate on Windows or open source in Visual Studio with an individual input


Use script and batch file creator (python) to run a sequence of files