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Philly Mural Finder


The Philly Mural Finder is a mobile application which ads an interaction layer to the thousands of murals from the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.


The base mural data comes from

Getting up and running locally

  1. Setup a local webserver (MAMP, XAMPP, etc.)
  2. Fork this repository into a folder that is accessible by your webserver (i.e. /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/)
  3. View the app in a webkit broswer by going to http://localhost/{path to muralapp}/public/index.html


This project is new and liable to change quickly, but here is the vision for the first few iterations.

  • A map loads in a mobile browser showing murals near them.
  • A user can select a mural and find out more information on it (photo, description, etc.).
  • A user can favorite a mural.
  • A user can comment on a mural.
  • A user can ‘share’ a mural. (e.g. facebook/twitter)
  • Data collection capabilities
    → Research and understand needs of mural art community
    → Research public wall spaces in Philadelphia
  • Make separate native app versions of web app
    → iPhone platform
    → Android platform
    → Use PhoneGap for conversion

Future versions:

  • Expand upon the types of art mapped
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