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How does it work?

SEPTAlking uses the SEPTA "Next to Arrive" API to determine the arrival / departure times of regional rail trains.

Speech recognition is accomplished through the use of an SRGS grammar that contains the stop names of SEPTA regional rail stops.

A user first enters the name of the stop they are leaving from, and then the name of the stop they are going to. SEPTAlking will reply with information on the departure and arrival times of the next train for the stations selected, as well as the current status of the train (on schedule or late).

SEPTAlking: "Welcome to SEPTAlking, use your voice to catch your train. What station are you leaving from?
User: "Ridley Park"
SEPTAlking: "What station are you going to?"
User: "Market East"
SEPTAlking: "Train 252, leaving from Ridley Park at 4:26 PM. Arriving at Market East at 5:03 PM.
Currently running on schedule.
Thank you for using SEPTalking.

How can I use it?

While built primarily to be a phone-enabled, speech recognition application, SEPTAlking may also be used through other communication channels, like text messaging (SMS).

To use SEPTAlking, do the following:

Voice Telephone & SMS:

(215) 987-5418
* For voice telephone, simply follow the instructions on the call.
* For SMS, begin by sending the name of the stop you wish to leave from.

Alternate voice phone contact methods:

SIP Voice: sip:9996146146@sip.tropo.com

SEPTAlking SMS interface

Current status

SEPTAlking is currently in beta, and is under active development. If you experience issues when using it or have suggestions for improvement, please feel free to open an issue.