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NOTE: This repo is no longer actively maintained. A fork of this repo is now the official Tropo WebAPI library for PHP. Visit the Tropo GitHub site for the official PHP library for the Tropo WebAPI.

TropoPHP is a set of PHP classes for working with Tropo's cloud communication service. Tropo allows a developer to create applications that run over the phone, IM, SMS, and Twitter using web technologies. This library communicates with Tropo over JSON.


Answer the phone, say something, and hang up.

require 'tropo.class.php';

$tropo = new Tropo();    
// Use Tropo's text to speech to say a phrase.    
$tropo->say('Yes, Tropo is this easy.');    

// Render the JSON back to Tropo.

Asking for input.

require 'tropo.class.php';

$tropo = new Tropo();
$tropo->ask('What is your favorite programming language?', array(
  'choices'=>'PHP, Ruby(Ruby, Rails, Ruby on Rails), Python, Java(Groovy, Java), Perl',
  'event'=> array(
    'nomatch' => 'Never heard of it.',
    'timeout' => 'Speak up!',
// Tell Tropo how to continue if a successful choice was made
$tropo->on(array('event' => 'continue', 'say'=> 'Fantastic! I love that, too!'));
// Render the JSON back to Tropo