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Automatic Approve

Automatically approve workflow runs from first time contributors. This action is designed to be run on a schedule within your organisation.

When executing, this action:

  • Loads all workflow runs with a status of action_required (needs approval)
  • Fetches the pull request for that run and the list of modified files
  • If a filename containing .github/workflows has been edited, the run will not be approved
  • Approve the workflow run using the provided access token

If you run a file as part of your workflow (e.g. build.js) make sure to add that file to the dangerous_files input to prevent automatic approval


name: Automatic Approve
    - cron: "*/5 * * * *"
    name: Automatic Approve
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: Automatic Approve
        uses: mheap/automatic-approve-action@v1
          token: ${{ secrets.PAT }}
          workflows: "pr.yml,lint.yml"
          dangerous_files: "build.js"

Important: If you have multiple workflows with the same name and one of them is in the workflows list, all of the workflows with that name will be approved

Available Configuration


Name Description Required Default
token The GitHub Token to use. Must be a personal access token with the repo scope true N/A
workflows The workflows to automatically approve true N/A
dangerous_files A comma-separated list of filenames that prevent the PR being automatically approved false