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This is a CLI for pocket-tagger, a library that allows you to tag your pocket articles using user defined rules. For an example rule configuration file, see tagger.json.


Install pocket-tagger-cli using npm:

npm install -g pocket-tagger-cli

Authenticating with Pocket

This tool reads your credentials from ~/.pocket/credentials. You must create a file at this location with the following format:


If you need to generate an access token and consumer key, pocket-auth-cli may be useful.

Running the tool

You can run pocket-tagger --help at any time to see the available options. If this is the first time you're running the tool you'll need to generate an example tagger config using the following command:

pocket-tagger --generate ~/.pocket/tagger.json

Once you have a config, you can run the tool by running pocket-tagger without any arguments. The default config contains tags for article length, a few programming languages and sites such as youtube. It also caches the contents of each site in /tmp for 1 day. This allows you to edit your tagging rules without needing to download the contents of every site each time.