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trello-cli is a CLI tool for Trello. Makes sense, right?

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trello-cli requires a minimum NodeJS version of 12


You can install this tool by running npm install -g trello-cli.

If you're an Arch user, it's also available in the Arch User Repository

Using trello-cli

  • Run npm install in the same directory as package.json to install dependencies
  • Run ./bin/trello to generate basic config in your home directory.
  • Get an API key and put it in ~/.trello-cli/config.json
  • Run ./bin/trello refresh to refresh the list of Trello boards and lists.
  • Run ./bin/trello + follow the instructions

If you get stuck, you can always run ./bin/trello --help or ./bin/trello command --help

If you installed globally

Instead of running ./bin/trello just run trello.

Supported API commands

trello-cli currently supports the following commands:

add-board          Adds a new board with the specified name
add-card           Add a card to a board
add-list           Adds a new list to the spcified board with the specified name
add-webhook        Add a webhook to a board
archive-card       Archive a card from a board
assigned-to-me     Show cards that are currently assigned to yourself, or any member specified
card-assign        Add or remove a member to a card
card-details       Show details about a specified card
close-board        Closes those board(s) where the specified text occurs in their name
delete-card        Remove a card from a board
delete-webhook     Remove a webhook by ID
move-all-cards     Move all cards from one list to another
move-card          Move a card on a board
refresh            Refresh all your board/list names
show-boards        Show the list of cached boards
show-cards         Show the cards on a list
show-labels        Show labels defined on a board
show-lists         Show the list of cached lists
show-webhooks      display webhooks for current user applications

On Windows

Depending on how node.js is setup, you may not be able to run trello straight from the command line as shown above. To remedy that, add the following to your Powershell profile (type $profile at the Powershell prompt to find where your profile is stored):

function trello { & 'PATH_TO_NODE.EXE' 'PATH_TO_TRELLO_BIN' $args }

Replacing PATH_TO_NODE.EXE and PATH_TO_TRELLO_BIN with the values from your system.

You will then have the trello command available anywhere.


# Add card:
$ trello add-card -b "Inbox" -l "Inbox" "Quick card added from command line" -p bottom

# Move all cards:
$ trello move-all-cards -b "GTD" -l "Completed next actions" -c "GTD" -d "Completed next actions (Nov 2-8)"


Archived lists aren't included when I run trello refresh By default archived lists are not returned by the API. Set the TRELLO_CLI_LIST_FILTER environment variable to all to include archived lists.