an inline LaTeX construct for passing token lists as TeX parameters
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LaTeX Package : withargs 0.2.0

Last Modified : 2016-12-19

Author : Michiel Helvensteijn (


To use this package, you need the following expl3 packages:

  • expl3
  • l3regex
  • xparse

To generate the documentation some extra packages are needed.


withargs.sty is provided directly in the package archive. Put it in a place where your LaTeX distribution can find it.

(withargs.sty is not generated, but manually maintained; you may use docstrip to remove the documentation, but you don't have to; it will just work the way it is)


withargs.pdf is provided directly in the package archive. To generate the documentation yourself, run LaTeX on withargs.tex.

(withargs.tex does not contain the package code itself; it inputs withargs.sty directly to document the implementation)


This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. See for the details of that license.