The code used during my live demo at LIACS on 13/12/2013
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Modern Web Development 2013

This is the github repository of a presentation and live demo I gave at LIACS, Leiden University in December 2013. This repository contains the code I used and wrote during the live demo.

We developed at a simple application in 4 stages:

  1. HTML + 'Vanilla' Javascript
    • JQuery
    • (S)CSS + AngularJS
    • Twitter Bootstrap + More (S)CSS

A lot, unfortunately, could not be covered in 90 minutes. I was hoping to also write a small Node.js server with MongoDB database, but that turned out to be overly ambitious.

Useful Links

Here are some of the links that I mentioned during the presentation, plus some extras that I think will be useful. In general, if you want to learn to use some technology x, search Youtube for x tutorial and look for one with many views and positive votes. There are some excellent vids out there: