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An open source ColdFusion framework inspired by Ruby on Rails.

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Welcome to CFWheels

ColdFusion on Wheels provides fast application development, a great organization system for your code, and is just plain fun to use.

One of our biggest goals is for you to be able to get up and running with Wheels quickly. We want for you to be able to learn it as rapidly as it is to write applications with it.

Getting Started

In this Beginner Tutorial: Hello World, we'll be writing a simple application to make sure we have Wheels installed properly and that everything is working as it should. Along the way, you'll get to know some basics about how applications built on top of Wheels work.


We encourage you to contribute to ColdFusion on Wheels! Please check out the Coding Guidelines for guidelines about how to proceed. Join us!


ColdFusion on Wheels is released under the MIT license.

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