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ColdFusion On Wheels Training was modified from JSBlogger


ColdFusion On Wheels is a powerful web application framework that has become popular in the past few years. It is relatively easy to develop with and can be used for awesome sites like, or cool ones like and

You'll spend the two days working through a single concept by creating a simple blog system and learning the basics of ColdFusion On Wheels including:

  • Models, Views, and Controllers
  • Data Structures & Relationships
  • Routing
  • Migrations
  • Views with forms, partials, and helpers
  • RESTful design
  • Using Wheels plugins

Wheels History

Rob Cameron founded the ColdFusion on Wheels project in 2005. He still blogs about ColdFusion, Rails, and open source software on his personal site, Riding the Clutch. Following Rob, Per Djurner was the principal developer of ColdFusion on Wheels and helped lead the project to finishing the 1.0 and 1.1 releases. Now Anthony Petruzzi is the principal developer of the Wheels core team. He has a blog called Rip's Domain.

Wheels approach is very different from other ColdFusion frameworks. Wheels was inspired by Ruby on Rails. Rails was extracted from the real world unlike other Java and Microsoft introduced frameworks. Rails and Wheels try to solve only the necessary problems and defer developing features until they are necessary. The simplicity approach is a big hit and has powered the growth of the Rails and Wheels communities ever since.


These works were created by Jeff Casimir ( and Jumpstart Lab. They are licensed Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0. If they are useful to you please drop him an email!


Please add yourself if you helped:

Mike Henke ( * []( Troy Murray * [](

Git Workflow for Contributors

This project uses the excellent Git Workflow series by Bob Silverburg for contributions.

Dealing with line endings

Before contributing, please read this [](