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Deployment tool for Celery

celerydeploy is a fabric script for deploying and managing Celery worker processes.

celerydeploy creates virtual environments on remote hosts, deploys task modules and manages celeryd worker processes with supervisord.


Before calling celerydeploy provide a deployment path and a list of target hosts. celerydeploy will try to find CELERY_DEPLOY_PATH variable in Celery configuration file. Target hosts can be provided with CELERY_DEPLOY_HOSTS variable or using --hosts command line option. Third-party libraries can be installed by listing them in PIP_PACKAGES variable.

Setup Celery on localhost and example.com:

$ celerydeploy --hosts example.com,localhost worker.setup

Start, stop or restart workers:

$ celerydeploy worker.start

$ celerydeploy worker.stop

$ celerydeploy worker.restart

Update task modules and restart workers:

$ celerydeploy worker.deploy worker.restart

Get a list of possible commands:

$ celerydeploy --list

celerydeploy is a fabric script and can be embedded into other deployment scripts.


To install celerydeploy, simply:

$ pip install celerydeploy
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