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Feature Request: Documentation #28

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Please provide description for each of the URL within the tornado-celery/ example.

@mher mher added the enhancement label

+1 :)


@mher I don't entirely understand how tornado-celery consumes tasks.

I was reading this blog post to try to understand the various methods of integrating celery and tornado.

It seems to me that tornado-celery provides an HTTP API for interacting with celery tasks but there's no easy way to notify the main tornado app when a task completes with polling -- is this correct?


As I'm reading further, I see that tornado-celery uses pika for a non-blocking AMQP client and supports using send_task or apply_async with a non-blocking producer.

Is there any way to set up a non-blocking consumer? I'd like to be able to utilize my tornado eventloop (or perhaps another tornado eventloop in a separate process) to perform non-blocking tasks that simply scrape web pages. What's the easiest way to make this happen?


Okay so I see that tcelery maintains its own ioloop,

In my module, can I create an @celery.task that uses @gen.coroutine

        http_client = AsyncHTTPClient()
        response = yield http_client.fetch("")



I've setup documentation for tornado-celery at Feel free to send pull requests.

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