Eurorack-inspired modules for Max/MSP
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clippings/EuroMax by Michael Hetrick


Eurorack-inspired modules for Max/MSP


Euromax is set-up to use the Max packages format. Simply clone this repo into your packages folder. If you do not know how to clone this repo, just download the repo as a .zip file (check the right sidebar).

Your folder structure should be something like (Max Application Path)/packages/Euromax/clippings

Restart Max after installation. Now, when you right-click on a patch in edit mode, you should see Euromax appear under the "Paste From" menu.

#What it is

Euromax is a collection of Max/MSP bPatchers inspired by Eurorack modules. They vary from creative clock sources to wild-sounding oscillators. They are easily added to your patches through a right-click menu.

  • All Euromax patches are created with basic Max/MSP objects. This ensures cross-platform compatibility, and no extra externals need to be downloaded.
  • The patches can be easily explored for learning or for modification. All patches come with detailed help files.
  • These patches will be frequently updated, as these were made for my own use as well. Updates will not break old patches, as every module added to your own patches is completely saved with the patch.