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Angular Connect 2019

Slides for How we make Angular fast.

install v8 to get d8

nvm install v12
nvm use v12
npm install -g jsvu
jsvu v8
ln -l ~/.jsvu/v8 ~/.jsvu/d8
export D8_PATH=~/.jsvu

to install, compile and serve the repository

npm install
npm run install-v8-tools
npm run watch
npm run serve

to get a list of d8 options

node --v8-options


Demonstrates inlining.

node ./dist/example1.js 100000
node --v8-options | code -
node --trace-opt --trace-deopt ./dist/example1.js 10000000 | code -
./node_modules/.bin/deoptigate ./dist/example1.js 10000000


Demonstrates stable numbers.

node ./dist/example2.js
./node_modules/.bin/deoptigate ./dist/example2.js


Demonstrates inline-caching. ip-processor

node ./dist/example3.js
rm *.log; node --trace-ic ./dist/example3.js
./node_modules/.bin/deoptigate ./dist/example3.js

Demonstrates profiling. profview

rm *.log; node --prof --no-turbo-inlining ./dist/example3.js; node --prof-process *.log 
rm *.log v8.json; node --prof --log-source-code ./dist/example3.js; ./v8/tools/mac-tick-processor --preprocess *.log > v8.json


Open example4.html

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