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ReferenceError: fs is not defined #186

tnatarajan opened this Issue Dec 17, 2012 · 7 comments

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In the latest version of jasmine-node, we are getting ReferenceError: fs is not defined error in cli.js.

var existsSync = fs.existsSync || path.existsSync;

This was introduced by the commit made on Dec 05, 2012.

Hope the following initialization should be included in the cli.js
var fs = require('fs');

thekua commented Jan 5, 2013

I just hit this problem too. +1


Having the same problem


If you install older version , you can skip this problem

npm install jasmine-node@1.0.26


@tnatarajan now is alright!
thks man!


same here

nobody maintain the code now?

tebriel commented Jan 31, 2013

This is resolved in the latest copy of master. Looking to npm publish within the next week.

@tebriel tebriel closed this Jan 31, 2013

I just ran into this issue on the npm build. I'l try master.

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