Support for define in tests with RequireJS #256

blacksonic opened this Issue Sep 8, 2013 · 1 comment


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I'm trying to run my code and tests both in the browser and in node js, but having problems with unnamed define statements in my tests.
My tests use define before describing the specs, but jasmine node apperantly wants me to wrap them in requirejs which isn't compatible how karma testrunner handles it. Is there a solution for this, loading tests with requirejs using the define in tests?


tebriel commented Sep 13, 2013

Personally, I've never gotten require.js support to work, but I've left it in the project because I don't to break someone's setup if it works for them. I don't really have an answer, @mhevery wrote it, but it hasn't been touched in long enough that it may not work with newer versions of require.

Maybe you could test for existence of define before running those statements?

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