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CoffeeScript testing doesn't work #283

MajorBreakfast opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Why is in package.json the --coffee option missing?

{ ...
  "scripts": {
    "test": "node lib/jasmine-node/cli.js spec"

Is CoffeeScript testing currently working?


It is. I've never used the test script tag out of the package.json. To really run the tests, run the shell file in the root of the project.


No, coffeescript testing just broke with the latest release of coffeescript on January 28. With 1.6.3 it works fine, but with 1.7.0+ it doesn't probably because you now have to explicitly register the coffee compiler if you plan to load coffee-language modules using node. So I don't think this issue is bogus. Here's the error I get with 1.7.1:

Exception loading: /Users/nathan/Development/blah/blah/blah-spec.litcoffee
{ [Error: Cannot find module '/Users/nathan/Development/blah/blah/blah-spec'] code: 'MODULE_NOT_FOUND' }

And yet with 1.6.3 everything works just fine.

This is why it's bad for package.json to simply accept any coffee-script above 1.0.1. When coffeescript changes in a non-backwards-compatible way, your code breaks and no one knows why unless they dig into version numbers 5 directories deep into node_modules.


Ah okay. Very similar to coffee-script-redux.

@nathancarter nathancarter referenced this issue from a commit in nathancarter/jasmine-node
@nathancarter nathancarter Add support for CoffeeScript >=1.7.0
See details in issue #283

This is published as 1.13.1. Let me know if you have any more problems with it. Thaks @nathancarter!


Thanks for the very fast turnaround, @tebriel!


@nathancarter happy to do so. Patch was super easy to test and verify. I try to keep tabs on this repo, but sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle. Glad it's working again!

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