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autotest on Windows will not display some errors #288

ehuss opened this Issue · 0 comments

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When using autotest on Windows, you will not see the exception output if loading a spec file fails. You will see just: Exception loading: <filename> without the exception info.

This is due to an issue in Node where stdout is nonblocking in Windows when it is a pipe (as it is documented), but in Linux it is blocking. Stdout does not get flushed, and thus the output is lost. See joyent/node#3584.

There are some workarounds (such as explicitly flushing stdout, or using something like cowboy/node-exit). I'm not sure if jasmine-node really needs to do anything about this, I'm just reporting this in case anyone else notices. Looking around in the Node issue above, some projects are implementing workarounds, others are just waiting to see if Node fixes it. If Node decides to fix it by making stdout nonblocking on Linux (as it is documented), then this problem may also start affecting Linux users.

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