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No output at all when using --requireJsSetup #297

Burgov opened this Issue · 7 comments

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When I run the command jasmine-node --requireJsSetup ./spec/initialize/initialize.js ./spec/*Spec.js for the project, I get absolutely no output at all (and the process exits with status code 0). When I remove the --requireJsSetup part, it runs fine, but all the tests fail because of missing variables/classes.

Is this some kind of bug or am I doing something wrong?


what happens when you run it with --captureExceptions?


@tebriel thanks, that clarified things a bit, but now I ended up even more confused... Basically I want to include a bunch of files before running the tests, which is what I try to do in the initialize.js script, however the way I do it now appears to be completely wrong... Can you tell me how I should do this? (Without using RequireJS, that is)


@tebriel I must be missing something really obvious here, but I really can't understand how to tell jasmine to include the source code in the src directory and the spec/fixtures directory before running any tests


@Burgov Are you using require('./path/to/source.js') in your spec?


@tebriel Thanks for your help. After some fooling around I started to realise that I was probably using the wrong tool for my purpose. I finally decided to find other solutions, which resulted in Burgov/RRM@c61ec28.

@Burgov Burgov closed this
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