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Pi-Hole blocklist.
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Pihole Blocklist

Ok, what is it? It's a list of domains/hosts which is involved in showing ads, track, spam, malware etc. Personally, I am using this list in pi-hole( which is running on my Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

I made a program which runs every day once on my server. It collects data from a bunch of lists, made them pi-hole ready(clean domain/host), make them unique & combine them into a single list and commit the list into this repository.

It's a lightweight list. So, it will take fewer resources. As I also block porn websites, a porn website/host list added too.

I tried to include popular & effective lists.

The porn list was already pi-hole ready but the domain was non www version. As a result, blocked but still accessible. So, I also include a www version of every domain in this list.

How to use?

Just add the following list to your pi-hole.


I included a few aggressive lists which can impact your regular internet browsing experience. I suggest you check the log query & whitelist the queries which case problem on regular browsing. All the facebook & twitter domains are blocked by default.

The porn.txt includes:

The list.txt includes:

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