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Vellichor HUGO blog theme

A free customizable blog theme for HUGO using Bulma CSS framework.

  • Reactive
  • Display Recent posts
  • Display tags
  • Display archives
  • Custom top navigation
  • Custom footer information
  • Custom styling

Based on the the jeffprod theme


Follow the themes guide on the Hugo website. Briefly, within your Hugo site directory:

$ git submodule add themes/hugo-theme-vellichor

This will add the theme under the themes directory. Then copy the example config.toml to see all the configration options.

$ cp themes/hugo-them-vellichor/exampleSite/config.toml .

See below for configuration options.

Write blog posts

hugo new post/

And edit this new file content/post/ You can use Markdown and HUGO shortcodes



There are various settings in the config.toml that affect how pages are rendered. See the exampleSites/config.toml for a sample and further information.

Variable Section Effect
copyright Site Copyright text placedin the footer (Optional). Contents of author used if copyright is missing
GoogleAnalytics Site If defined and non-blank, adds code to the header of all pages for Google Analytics
HeaderImage Params Sets the image used in the header of each page. (Optional) If the setting is missing, a colored band is used instead.
BlogWelcome Params Text to place just above the blog post listing. (Optional).
PostDateFormat Params Format for the date of the posting (Optional). Default format is "January 2, 2006". See hugo dou=cs for format details.
showReadTime Params Controls the display of reading time in the post listing. If absent or false, the reading time will not be displayed.
socialIconSize Params Controls the size of the social media icons in the footer. Must be one of small, medium, or large. large is the default
footerClass Params Controls the CSS style class to use to style the footer (text color, background color, etc).
github,twitter Social If an userid is specified for the service, the icon and link are placed in the footer. See config.toml for the list of currently supported services.


The following partials can be copied from the theme directory into your site's layout/partial directory in order to customize.

cp themes/hugo-theme-vellichore/layouts/partial/<partial> ./layouts/partial


This controls the layout of the social media icons in the footer. It is used in all top level index types.

The list of services that are displayed can be controlled directly from config.toml


This contains the list links that are shown in the top navigation bar.


Licensed under the MIT license.