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This is a loose collection of todo items, in case someone else wants to start
hacking on mitmproxy. Drop me a line ( if you want to tackle any
of these and need some pointers.
Targeted for 0.9:
- White-background colorscheme
- Extra content view modules: CSS indenter, Flash SWF info extractor
- Upstream proxy support.
- Follow mode to keep most recent flow in view
- Verbose view to show timestamps
- Search within requests/responses
- Transparent proxy support
- Ordering a-la mutt's "o" shortcut
- Add some "workspace" features to mitmproxy:
- Flow comments
- Copying/duplicating flows
- Ordering by time, size, etc. a-la-mutt (o keyboard shorcut is reserved for this)
- Support HTTP Digest authentication through the stickyauth option. We'll
have to save the server nonce, and recalculate the hashes for each request.
- Chunked encoding support for requests (we already support it for responses).
- A progress indicator for large files
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