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A short introduction to Julia and Agent-Based Modelling (ABM)

intro_jupyter_julia gives a quick beginner's overview of Jupyter and Julia and a few links for additional information.

The remaining notebooks demonstrate how to program (simple) agent-based models in Julia.

All notebooks are generated from the *.master.* version. The *.plain.* files can be read as a continuous text (with optional interactivity) while the *.quiz.* files (only notbook 0 so far) leave some bits for the reader to fill in.

  • Notebook 0 shows the difference between an analytical, a simple and a spatial agent-based epidemiological model (SI). It comes with a "quiz" version with a few simple bits of code to fill in.
  • In notebook 1 the spatial ABM is translated from discrete step-wise updates to event-based scheduling.
  • In notebook 2 a few extensions to the model are introduced.
  • Notebook 3 shows how to run and plot parameter sweeps.

If you just want to take a look without running the notebooks, these are (non-interactive) generated previews:

EDIT: Binder is deprecated for now until I find the time to check if the new versions of the notebooks still work.

Klicking on the badge Binder will start the notebook interface on Binder. From there you can then open the individual notebooks (*.ipynb):

  • intro_jupyter_julia gives a very quick introduction to Jupyter and Julia
  • intro_abm_jl_1 introduce a simple agent-based SIR model
  • intro_abm_jl_2 adds a view things to the model to make it more interesting
  • intro_abm_jl_3 shows how to generate data and display the results


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