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Yet another fork of Cinder-Syphon


An implementation of the Syphon framework for Cinder, including changes made by several authors. Syphon is by Tom Butterworth and Anton Marini, initial work by Anthony Stellato, API upgrades by Reza Ali, Syphon fixes by gaborpapp on Github, synthesis by Mark Hintz.

Basically, Reza's fork has the API I needed, but it didn't work quite right. gaborpapp's code was working, but didn't have the right API. This brings them together.


Syphon Client - Receive frames from a Syphon server Syphon Server - Publish frames to Syphon Syphon Server Directory - Browse available Syphon servers

Requires Mac OS X 10.7+. Tested on OS X 10.10 and Cinder 0.9.1+ but may work as far back as 0.8.5

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