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SystemTap games run in Linux kernel

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Systemtap Game Collection

	(OLD: )

Author: Masami Hiramatsu <>

This project aims to provide small games programmed on systemtap and tapsets 
which includes useful probes/functions for programming games on systemtap.
This will give you more fun with systemtap programming.

 +--tapsets/ : Tapset scripts required by game scripts
 +--games/   : Game scripts
 +--misc/    : Small test scripts

 All games are now executable. You can also specify stap options(like -v).
$ cd stapgames/
$ ./games/minesweeper.stp -v

Shebang trick
As you can see, all game scripts are shell scripts which contains stap script. 
Since we need pass some options to stap by default but linux does not split up
the arguments, we have to do a trick on that. The key is '//' which is 
a comment line for stap, but actually a command line for shell. So,

//usr/bin/env stap [options] $@ $0; exit $?

is just 2 comment lines for stap, but actual commands for shell.

Beep audio currently works only on 2.6.25 or later kernel.
Some touchpads and touchpanels are not supported yet.

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