A Spacegray Eighties color profile for iTerm2.
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Spacegray Eighties for iTerm2

This will match your iTerm2 theme to the Spacegray Eighties Sublime theme.

It contains two versions

Spacegray eighties

This will match the theme exactly.

Spacegray eighties dull

There's also a slightly dulled version, which is what I use.


  • Download these files
  • Launch iTerm 2.
  • Type cmd+i
  • Navigate to Colors tab
  • Click on Load Presets
  • Click on Import
  • Select the .itermcolors file or files you'd like to use (either the normal or the dull version, or both for good measure)
  • Click on Load Presets and choose the scheme you just loaded
  • Navigate to the General tab and click Copy Preferences to Profile


Spacegray iTerm2 theme: https://github.com/christianbundy/spacegrey-iterm