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A prototype trying to create a simple VideoEditing tool in the browser using JavaScript.
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This is more of a proof of concept than a fully functional web-application. Right now it allows you to load videos into the browser, they get automatically uploaded via WebsSocket to a node.js application, where those assets get transcoded (H264/WebM/OGG). Then you can create a composition (=new video), copy videos to the stage, trim them, transform them, stack them and then finally encode them on the server-side using AviSynth and ffmpeg Currently each encoding job will produce a H264 encoded video.

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For the application you will need the following on the server-side (where the node-app is running):

  • node.js
  • node-app dependencies (package.json)
  • ffmpeg
  • avisynth
  • mongodb


Feel free to modify, contribute, fork, print it or whatever. Every part of this code I wrote is released under the WTFPL. For the libraries/modules I used you have to see for yourself.